Food for Life Get Togethers

The Food for Life Get Togethers programme uses good food to bring people of different ages together through growing, cooking and eating.

LGNI are delighted to be involved in this this new project with lead partner the SOIL Association and other partners from around the UK recognising the value in using food to help support out ethos of bringing generations together. Get Togethers is for people of all ages and backgrounds and aims to connect people through food.

Check out the Food for Life Get Togethers webpage to find out more about the overall project, its campaigns opportunities to get involved and to sign up for a free Get Togethers Resource Pack! https://www.foodforlife.org.uk/get-togethers

LGNI will working closely with the Northern Ireland Food for Life Team and the Big Lunch NI to promote opportunities to get involved in NI.  Check out our workshops posters and small grants scheme happening now to support you to bring generations together through food!

Further information on “Safety guidance for food preparation” and “Safeguarding advice brigning generatiosn together” can be found using the buttons above.


Small Grants Scheme now open

LGNI are providing £150 to support you to organise and deliver an intergenerational Food for Life Get Together!  Attend one of our workshops to find out more or click the link to access the application pack.

Grant Application Process Starting Soon


LGNI is very pleased to be partnering with The Soil Association in a new UK-wide £5m project to use “good food” to change lives in disadvantaged communities in Northern Ireland.

A new £5.1m project to tackle loneliness and improve health in Northern Ireland using “good food” has been launched by the Soil Association’s Food for Life programme. The project, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, will use the power of good food to connect people of all ages through growing, cooking and eating together.

Watch this space for info on getting involved!


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