Digital Age Project

Digital and Social Inclusion for Older People

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The Digital Age Project is a project led by LGNI and supported by the Big Lottery Fund for NI ‘Reaching Out Connecting Older People’ Programme. The project supports the use of technology as a tool to link generations whilst promoting digital and social inclusion of older people.

Year 3: 2017 Generations GO!
One to One Intergenerational I.T. Learning

The project is now entering its third year of delivery with LGNI as the lead partner of the entire project, coordinating the delivery of IT courses and intergenerational projects. In its third year the project aims to deliver programmes in 8 post primary schools with approximately 10 older participants and 10 pupils involved (total 80 older people and 80 younger people), 4 one off digital inclusion sessions with specific groups over the summer e.g. summer schemes, care home, workplaces (older workers), youth groups etc., 11 workshops (1 per new council area) focusing on Intergenerational Practice and its applicability to Digital Inclusion and a final conference event.

Year 1 & 2: 2014-2016
Working with Sheltered Housing

Over 2014-2016 the project has co-ordinated and delivered IT courses to older people within residential schemes and, through linking the schemes with local schools / youth groups, delivered intergenerational sessions using ICT as a tool to create links between older and younger people in communities, with the aim of creating better understanding and interaction.

Project Partnerships:

For Year 3 of the project, The Digital Age Project partnership will be made up of existing partners LGNI, Ignite IT, Go ON NI and new partners NI Housing Executive, DENI (both advisory), Juniper Consulting and informal consortium groups such as – Newry Mourne and Down Senior Citizens Consortium, AGENDA, County Down Rural Community Network.

For Years 1 & 2: the partnership consisted of LGNI, Ignite IT, Go On NI, NIFHA, Learning & Work Institute and Zenith IT Solutions.

Evaluation & Outcomes:

To read the latest evaluation report for Digital Age Project 2014-2016 click here

If you would like a copy of The Digital Age Toolkit please contact us.

Get in Touch & Find out more…

Any sheltered housing scheme with reliable broadband/ wifi and a minimum of 10 older residents (including local residents/ members of local groups) who are interested in taking part can contact Lynne Bennett at for further details. You can also complete and return the Expression of Interest form in the Relevant Documents section at the top of this page.

For further information, photos and comments check out our Facebook page here.