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PCSP ARDS Biteable

Engage Project: Ards & North Down


The Newtownards Chronicle featured some lovely articles about the project and the various participants:



Here are some lovely pictures from the first meet up as part of our PCSP project in Portavogie. Here are residents from Rockyacres Residential Care Homes and students from Glastry College.




LGNI have had a fantastic opportunity to deliver two EngAGE projects in partnership/ collaboration with PCSP, PSNI, Nendrum College, Glastry College and local older peoples groups.

The project is kicking off mid January and aspires to challenge anti-social behaviour issues and influence community safety in the local area. Both younger and older people will be directly involved in the design and planning of the project activities ensuring the project is locally driven.


The PCSP wants to build more cohesive and safer communities; this project will break down barriers between generations and promote better understanding of one another. To achieve these outcomes a key element is increasing the contact across generations in Ards and North Down community as this increases confidence and connection within the community and respect between the generations.


There are 20 young people and 20 older people involved in the two projects.  The project sessions will follow this format:


Session 1:

  • Older peoples session – attitudes to young people, community safety etc.
  • Young peoples’ session – attitudes to older people, Dementia Friend training and community safety

Session 2: Get to know you session and planning of activities – wish list for 6 sessions

Sessions 3 – 8: Activities suggested by participants’ e.g. digital work, trips out, physical activity, art etc.


Evidence and research has shown that intergenerational engagement can have multiple benefits and outcomes; previous research has shown that participants in intergenerational activity have said:

  • They now feel more connected to their community
  • They have changed their attitudes towards other age groups
  • They had learnt more about other age groups issues and concerns
  • They now feel safer in their area and around other age groups
  • They felt more confident/better about themselves


We also wish to inspire personal responsibility and involvement; which will address community issues, tackling loneliness and isolation amongst all ages and for everyone to have a sense of belonging and involvement in their area.  We want to capitalise on the positive attributes that both generations have to offer the other. It will be an opportunity for everyone to engage, learn and share skills, develop confidence and communication skills and have fun!


This project aims to implement best practice through working alongside the PSNI and schools to build capacity; using intergenerational methods to build more positive perceptions of young and old people in the community, which reduces levels of fear of crime and antisocial behaviour through tackling community safety by developing intergenerational relationships.


It is hoped that the project will benefit all participants who are involved by improving their confidence and the levels of feeling safe in their community.


-This page will be updated as the project progresses-