Meet the team

  • Lynne Bennett Regional Development Worker
  • Ken Irvine Regional Development Worker
  • Lynn Heatley
    Lynn Heatley Regional Development Worker
  • Simon Maltman
    Simon Maltman Communications and Project Assistant
  • Sarah McCully Russell
    Sarah McCully Russell Regional Development Worker

What We Do

We specialise in the promotion of intergenerational practice. We create opportunities in all sorts of places and for all sorts of reasons for different generations to learn from, support, meet and enjoy each other. Since 2009, we have been supporting lots of amazing people all across NI to bring generations together in the places where they live and work. We take our inspiration from the incredible stories they tell us about the power of bringing generations together.

Intergenerational practice provides structured opportunities to link generations, improving understanding and increasing mutual support. This contributes to the building of age-friendly communities where we respect each other, have a voice and get to play our part.

Linking Generations Northern Ireland is part of the Beth Johnson Foundation: Beth Johnson Foundation


We Link Generations

We create opportunities in all sorts of places and for all sorts of reasons for different generations to learn from, support, meet and enjoy each other. If you have a big or small idea, get in touch and if we can support you, we will.

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Training & Support

Research & Evaluation

We offer community evaluation and social research services, specialising in the evaluation of intergenerational approaches and initiatives. We can offer advice in relation to this too.

Become a partner of LGNI

We want to add value to what you do: whether you want to teach kids how to knit; develop an all-age policy at work; volunteer in a care home; become an age-friendly school. Whatever it is you want to achieve, we believe the intergenerational lens adds more positivity. Give us a ring for a quick chat about how this approach can make lives better! If you want to use our expertise over a longer time period, we are very interested in building collaborative alliances. Please talk to us about your ideas.

Our Approach

The Principles of intergenerational practice:

  • Mutual and reciprocal benefits
  • Participatory
  • Asset based
  • Well planned
  • Culturally grounded
  • Strengthens community bonds
  • Promotes active citizenship
  • Challenges ageism
  • Cross-disciplinary

(European Commission, 2009)

‘Intergenerational practice aims to bring people together in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contributes to building more cohesive communities. Intergenerational practice is inclusive, building on the positive resources that the young and old have to offer each other and those around them.’

(Definition of Intergenerational Practice: Beth Johnson Foundation, 2001)

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